Writing Curriculum

Writing Intent

The aim at Trinity Croft is to provide opportunities for children to develop as independent, confident, resilient and successful, life-long learners.  


Through the implementation of a broad and balanced curriculum, we aim for our children to have high aspirations and to make an active and positive contribution to their school, their community and the wider society; now and in the future. We want our children to be equipped with the skills and knowledge to able to keep themselves safe and healthy both mentally and physically. 


Our writing curriculum is intended to build on what the children have learnt within their reading; through careful analysis of texts, development of vocabulary and through topic links children are given opportunities to write for a purpose and creatively for a range of different audiences.  They are able to use ICT as well as been given opportunities to practise their presentational skills for finished pieces by hand.   We intend to give our children the relevant real-life / cultural experiences needed to base their writing on through visits out, visitors in and other first-hand learning opportunities.  


Writing Overview


In the foundation stage mark making is available throughout all of the continuous provision, in each phonics lesson children are taught to encode as well as decode.  They then move onto using talk for writing as a vehicle for helping children use their encoding skills in a more purposeful way and to explore a range of genres and text types.   In year two and key stage two, children use cracking writing to further deepen their understanding of a text type before writing their own.   Therefore, they would carry out a comprehension on the text type to ensure their understanding and check for unknown vocabulary followed by two / three days analysing this at text, language and sentence level.   As a school we have mapped out the genres covered in each group to ensure that children are regularly exposed to a range of writing and also have the opportunity to apply these skills again to practise and improve on the work they did before.   Children also have the opportunity to practise their writing in all other subjects.   Spelling is taught using RWI which the children start once they have completed RWI phonics.  Grammar is taught using the skills builders units and books. 

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