Recovery of the Curriculum 2019-2020

Recovery of the Curriculum


All class teachers carried out a gap analysis of the curriculum for their class to identify which aspects had been missed due to the school closure. This was done in the summer term 2020. Subject leaders then looked carefully at the gap analysis documents to plan how this was to be recovered. All subjects had a 'Curriculum Recovery Plan' in place for the start of the term in September.

Each half term, class teachers are highlighting what has been covered from the recovery plan to ensure that nothing is missed. For some subjects, this is planned to be covered over more than just this academic year and so recovery plans will be reviewed at the end of this academic year to be revised for September 2021.

Curriculum Recovery Plans are aligned with subject leaders's action plans and form part of the school's Developing Excellence Plan.

Subject leaders have worked together closely to assess what learning has been lost and the progress that children are now making.