Tiger Cubs, Foundation Stage 1

Curriculum Statement

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Once upon a time

Welcome to Tiger Cubs!!!

Your teachers will be Mrs Burgin, Miss Highton and Mrs Hitchens

Our next topic is called…

In the Once Upon a Time project, your child will be introduced to the wonderful world of stories. They will listen to a range of traditional tales and have the chance to act out the stories in their play. They will also listen to alternative contemporary stories to see different viewpoints from the characters. They will use the stories to think about how life has changed from when the stories were written. They will also make up their own stories and make masks, props and puppets to act out their stories.

Supporting your child at home

Read traditional stories and fairy tales to your child.
Visit your local library and choose picture books to share.
Talk about the characters in stories and whether they like or dislike them.
Talk about how the characters in stories behave and what they could do differently.
Share and discuss the Did you know? resource.

As Foundation Stage 1 we will be singing lots of songs daily, especially nursery rhymes as this helps with our speech, sounds and awareness of rhyme and rhythm.

We will explore early counting with simple number songs and games.

We will enjoy all kinds of stories linked to our topic or simply ones that we like.

But most of all we will learn to play and learn together, build good friendships, begin to understand what makes us and others happy or sad, and work together to create a safe, happy and nurturing environment for us all.

Don’t forget to look out for photos we put on your child’s Dojo and please share experiences from home on there too.  We love learning about the things the children enjoy out of school.

Did you know and Home learning documents.

 Once upon a time. Did you know?

 Once upon a time. Home learning.

Useful websites

BBC iPlayer – CBeebies Bedtime stories
BBC Bitesize – Maths KS1: The number 3
YouTube for various fairy tale story readings

Good reads

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Nicola Baxter 
Little Red Riding Hood - Mandy Ross 
There Is No Dragon In This Story - Lou Carter 
Princess Daisy and the Dragon and the Nincompoop Knights - Steven Lenton 
Cinderella - Ailie Busby 
The Three Billy Goats Gruff - Irene Yates 
Princess Smartypants - Babette Cole 
The Three Little Pigs - Stephen Tucker and Nick Sharratt

Information For Parents.

EYFS expectations poster with new development matters .pdf


Class photos