COVID Recovery Plan 2021-2022

Funding Allocations:

School Led Tutoring – Based on 39 pupils, 585 hours - £7897.50

Recovery Premium – Based on 69 pupils - £10005


Wave 1 – Whole Class Teaching

Our priority this academic year is to ensure that gaps in children's core knowledge are filled as quickly and as effectively as possible. Our teaching and learning policy is already designed to ensure that children are able to know and remember more and so our first approach is to ensure that there is high quality, first class teaching for all children in the full class setting. Teachers have all accessed high quality training about the science of memory and how their lessons should be structured to ensure access for all.

Teachers all meet with senior leaders termly to look at pupil progress for ALL pupils and identify if additional considerations are required to ensure that they are on track to meet their individual pupil progress estimate.


Wave 2 – Additional Support for Groups in Class

Some children have been identified as requiring some additional support in lessons to help them catch up. This may be due to additional Special Educational Needs or gaps in their knowledge due to COVID absence. Teachers move around the class as children are working to offer additional guidance to those who need it and provide live feedback throughout to ensure all children are making the best possible progress. There is a highly skilled Teaching Assistant supporting children in class where possible as well.


Wave 3 – Out of Class Support

We have created additional capacity in the school budget this year to fund more Teaching Assistants; initially to help pupils to catch up academically but to also support the mental health and well-being of pupils. We know that many pupils have found the transition back to school difficult and now need additional support which they didn’t require before the pandemic. We have funded a Learning Mentor to support both children and families in school who are struggling with their mental health and our Inclusion Manager is non teaching to ensure that support can be targeted quickly where required.


We have purchased diagnostic tools to carefully target where children need further support using NTS tests (Rising Stars) and subsequent SHINE interventions. These interventions are bespoke to individual pupils and offer tailored plans to help them catch up quickly. These sessions and delivered by Teaching Assistants on a 1:1 or small group basis.


We are using funding through the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) to access tuition for small groups of pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 who need to catch up quickly. This is funded through the NTP with additional costs to be paid for through the Recovery Premium.


We are using School Led Tutoring money to fund experienced members of staff to work with small group of pupils both in and out of the school day. This tuition is focussed on children in Key Stage 1 who have not made sufficient progress with phonics as identified through the assessments in our Read Write Inc. tracking. This supports the school aim of ensuring that reading prioritised for all pupils.