Languages Curriculum

MFL at Trinity Croft 


Our Intent:

At Trinity Croft, our chosen language is Spanish. The aim of the Spanish language curriculum is for children to develop a passion for learning languages, develop their communication skills and to expand their perspective of the world. 


We aim to develop their knowledge of speaking, listening, reading and writing in Spanish, which will lay down the foundations for further language learning in the future. 


We intend to provide a language education that will boost children's confidence to express their opinions and to foster their curiosity about another language. We also want to deepen their understanding of other cultures and the wider world around them, allowing them to embrace their role in our global society. 


Long Term Plan

Long Term Plan.pdf

Component and composite knowledge overview examples

Composite and component knowledge year 3.pdf

Composite and component knowledge year 4.pdf


Our curriculum in MFL covers:


MFL Curriculum Documents


Spanish Day October 2021.