School Council

School Council 2022 - 2023

During the first term of this school year, all children from class 1 to class 6 could choose to put their names forward to be elected to represent their class as a School Councillor.

The elected School Council are very important in our school. We are the voice of each class and we are able to help to make important decisions for our school to ensure it is a happy place for everyone. We regularly meet to discuss issues and put forward our ideas. We then report back any decisions we make to our class.


So far this year, we have met with local councillors about a local park bike/scooter project, we have planned activities for anti-bullying week and discussed some fund-raising activities for a potential outdoor learning space. 


We started off Anti-bullying week by wearing "Odd socks" to express ourselves and to celebrate individuality.


We also held an Anti-bullying poster competition which the school council judged, and we presented our winners with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes.



Well done to Mia, Lexi and Lily who won prizes and also to everyone else who submitted a poster, they were all fabulous and the school council found it very hard to choose the winners!