Ethos, Vision and Values

Our School Ethos:


At Trinity Croft Church of England Primary Academy we strive to develop young people with kind hearts in an environment which is both inclusive and aspirational; where all children have the opportunity to grow through inspired learning and high expectations.


Christian Values:


We promote Christian values in all we do with a particular emphasis on:


Respect – We believe in upholding high levels of respect for all, where everyone is valued and appreciated.


Perseverance – We believe that everyone should have the ability and desire to persevere and aim high when things get tough.


Compassion – We believe that compassion, kindness and care are at the core of good human nature and are the basis for successful futures and positive relationships.


Courage – We believe that children should be taught to be brave and have the strength to be their own person in an environment where failure is deemed as useful for future success.


Our Aims:


  • To provide children with an understanding of the Christian faith and an awareness of what it means to be a Christian and give praise to God; Father, Son and the Holy Spirit whilst supporting them in an understanding and respect for other faiths and cultures.


  • To enrich children’s lives by fostering strong and welcoming partnerships between school, parents, church and the wider community.


  • To motivate and engage children through an inspiring and rich curriculum dedicated to developing confident, knowledgeable and resilient leaners who can achieve the best possible outcomes both in school and their wider lives.


  • To provide a safe and nurturing environment where staff know children and their families well, thus enabling them to flourish, feel loved and cared for.


  • To foster a culture of high aspiration where children recognise their own self-worth and have knowledge of the wider opportunities available to them, both now and in the future.

Diocese Of Sheffield Academy Trust Vision Statement

We strive as a trust:

  • To create and sustain challenging, stimulating, nurturing and exciting learning experiences where all children achieve well and are keen to learn.
  • To deliver good and outstanding teaching and learning for all pupils every day.
  • To offer an inclusive framework for education that opens for our children "life in all its fullness".
  • To empower leadership at all levels to drive improvements so that each school is aspirational and moves to its next level of performance.