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Summer Term 2022 - Emperors and Empires


In the Emperors and Empires project, your child will learn about the growth and decline of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. They will discover the absolute power of the Roman emperors and study the hierarchies of Roman society and the Roman army. They will study the first invasions of Britain in 55 and 54 BC and the Roman conquest of Britain in AD 43. They will learn about Boudicca’s rebellion, Hadrian’s Wall and the Romanisation of Britain, including how Christianity came to Britain and investigate the legacy of Roman Britain in their local area.


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Class text

Roman Tales: The Goose Guards – Terry Deary

Memorable experiences

Sheffield Cathedral and Millenium Art Gallery - 10.5.22

Bosworth Battlefields - 20.5.22 

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Innovate challengeHistorical reports
HistoryChronology; Everyday life in ancient Rome; Founding of Rome; Power and rule; Roman Empire; Significant emperors; Social hierarchy; Roman army; Roman invasion of Britain; Significant people – Boudicca; Everyday life in Roman Britain; Romanisation of Britain; Roman withdrawal; Roman legacy
EnglishBiographies; Letters; Myths; Poetry
Science investigations

Did the Romans use toilet roll?

Please complete ONE of the following activities by 15.7.22

Login pages for school resources

Please find all the links for the websites of the learning resources we use in class.  Most children know their own logins but if they forget, they can also be found in the back of their planners.  

Cadbury World

RUFC Community Football

National Coal Mining Museum

World Book Day

Summer Term 2022

Sheffield Cathedral

Millennium Art Gallery

Bosworth Battlefields