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Tiger Cubs, Foundation Stage 1

 Welcome to Tiger Cubs 

School Closure Information


We hope that you are all staying safe and well during this difficult time. 

I will be in touch via Dojo and I am available to answer any questions you have on Dojo. 

If you wish to do so, you can upload any photos of your children's work (from their home learning packs) or your children enjoying any activities at home, to Dojo, I look forward to seeing them.

Below, I have added some links to websites and apps that can help with your child's learning and will be adding additional links and activities on Dojo on a regular basis. 

Please keep up with 'sharing a book at home'  that you have all been doing through the year as this will help with your child's reading, imagination and language development. 

Below, I have also added a suggested daily timetable with examples of how to fill your day.


Thank you for your support.

Stay safe


Mrs Burgin xxx

Week commencing 30/03/20


Hope everybody is keeping safe and well. I have uploaded some more resources and activities for your children to complete through the week. I will also be adding daily activities on Dojo. Please send lots of photos of your children completing activities and having fun at home, we look forward to seeing them.

Take care.

Thank you

Mrs Burgin


2D shapes booklet 30/03/20

Phonics bingo 30/03/20

CVC bingo 30/03/20

Week commencing 06/04/20

Good morning. Below I have attached a letter for you so you can access your child's Mini mash account. It is full of fun games to help with your child's learning. I will forward your child's login details to you on your dojo portfolio page. 

I have attached some Easter maths booklets. There's three to choose from that your child can work through this week and I have also attached an Easter egg rhyming activity (can your child cut out the eggs then match up  to the rhyming words), as well as some Easter home learning ideas.

Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the sunshine safely.

Thank you

Mrs. Burgin



Purple mash/mini mash letter

Purple mash/mini mash letter 1

Week commencing 20/04/20

Hope you have all had a lovely Easter and are all good and well.

Our summer topic is 'Can I have a dog?' We will be looking at lots of different animals and how we care for them. Our weekly stories will involve different animals.


This week we will be sending out new home learning packs. Below are some suggested activities that you can complete at home to help with your child's learning. 


  • Can you go on a phonics hunt? You can use pegs and write the alphabet on them then hide them around the garden for children to find.(you could use pieces of paper if you don't have pegs or chalk/crayon sounds around the garden). Can children say the sound when they find them? Can they find an object that starts with that sound?


  • 99 year old war  veteran Captain Tom Moore has been in the news this week for raising over 20 million pounds for NHS charities by walking 100 laps around his large garden. It is his birthday on the 30th April and he will be 100 years old. Children up and down the country are making cards and sending them to him for his birthday. I thought it would be a lovely idea for children to make cards for him, you can choose to send him the card (I will add address at the bottom) or display it in your house(you could send a picture on dojo and I will create a pic collage of all the cards). You can watch videos and interviews online of Captain Tom Moore to discuss with your child what he has done.


       Captain Tom Moore

       C/O Post Office Limited,

       67 Bedford Road,

       Marston Moretaine,


       Bedfordshire, England.



  • Can children practice their counting up to 20? They can do this in different ways. Playing a board game and counting the spots on the dice(you could you 2 dice to offer challenge) they can count the spaces they need to move on the board too. Children could practice their counting in water/sand using a cup and jug, how many cups of water/sand does the jug need to be full? Children can also practice their counting with the counting songs on youtube that I posted previously.


 Please remember to keep sharing a book at home with your child. This helps with your child's communication and language development and helps to build their imagination.

Thank you for your support.

Stay safe

Mrs. Burgin





Week commencing 27/04/20


Good morning Tiger Cubs, hope you all had a good weekend and are safe and well.
This week I thought you could make your own pet sock puppet. Using an old sock and any resources you can find around you house, can you make a pet sock puppet, you could even draw eyes and noses on if you wanted to.
I have uploaded a pic collage with some ideas of what you could do but you can choose something different. I would love to see some pictures of your finished pet puppets.
Below I have also added some songs sung by Mr. Tumble. Can you learn the makaton signs to the songs with Mr. Tumble? We have practised some of the songs in the classroom so you might remember some of the signs. I would love some pictures or videos of you practising your songs. Have fun Tiger Cubs.

Thank you.

Stay safe.

Mrs. Burgin


Activities for the week.

Week commencing 04/05/20


Good morning Tiger Cubs. Hope you are all good and well. This week I thought you could go on your purple mash accounts and research more about vets. If you look at the pictures I have uploaded they will help you to find the vets section on purple mash. There’s a couple of videos about vets and some picture games for you to enjoy.

I have also added a website with lots of fun maths games for you to explore.

This week I would also love to see what pets you have at home. Do you have a dog, cat, lizard, fish or something else? Please send pictures then I can create a pic collage and all your friends can see your pets too.

Have fun Tiger Cubs.


Maths games-

Thank you 

Stay safe.

Mrs. Burgin