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Tiger Cubs, Foundation Stage 1


Welcome back Tiger Cubs!!!


Your teachers will be Mrs Burgin and Miss Highton.

This January our topic is called…


‘Can I have a dog ?’


How much is that doggy in the window? Can I have a dog? How will I look after it? It’s time to find out all about pets and how to care for them. This half term, we’ll visit a Cannon Hall Farm to learn about animal care. We’ll handle small animals and ask lots of questions. Back at school, we’ll build comfy kennels for small world dogs using different materials. When our small world dogs get muddy, we’ll carefully clean and dry them. Our role play vets surgery will keep us busy, as we’ll bathe, bandage and feed toy animals. Using our problem-solving skills, we’ll sort pet care items using different criteria. We’ll take a walk on the wild side when we practise moving like animals. Will we curl up like a cat or run like a dog? Inspired by pictures of amazing animals, we’ll draw the pet we would like and write its name. Using our maths skills, we’ll count the dogs in different sets.


At Foundation Stage 1 we will be singing lots of songs daily, especially nursery rhymes as this helps with our speech, sounds and awareness of rhyme and rhythm.


We will explore early counting with simple number songs and games.


We will enjoy all kinds of stories linked to our topic or simply ones that we like.


But most of all we will learn to play and learn together, build good friendships, begin to understand what makes us and others happy or sad, and work together to create a safe, happy and nurturing environment for us all.


Don’t forget to look out for photos we put in your child’s dojo learning journey and please share experiences from home on there too.  We love learning about the things the children enjoy out of school.

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