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F2 - Foundation Stage 2

Welcome to Foundation Stage 2 

In September our topic in FS2 will be -


'Do you want to be friends?'



This half term, we’ll take a walk around our school to find out about the adults who work there and their work spaces, taking photos as we go. Back in the classroom, we’ll upload and print our photos to compile a ‘Who’s who?’ display of school staff. Working together, we’ll create friendship scenarios using Jelly Babies at the ‘Jelly Babies playground’, and we’ll create a ‘Class jobs board’, allocating responsibilities amongst ourselves. We’ll talk about friendship, being kind and helpful, loneliness, enemies, and the things we like. We will be sharing lots of stories and developing our excellent listening skills to support all of our future learning. We will spend lots of time talking about families and the things that we enjoy doing at home, also finding out about any shared interests that we have. Please remember to send in a family photograph to add to our 'Me and my Family' display smiley.


In numeracy this term we will be concentrating on recognising numbers, ordering numbers and counting to 20. This will include number hunts, ordering number cards and counting a variety of objects. We will spend time counting as a group whilst marching, clapping, jumping etc. We will also become familiar with 2D and 3D shapes, remembering shape names and looking at their properties. 

Examples of how to support numeracy learning at home

 Incorporate counting in to everyday life (How many steps? How many chips do you have? If I take 1 away how many do you have?) When out walking recognise house numbers, bus numbers etc. and talk about the shapes of everyday objects. 


In phonics, reading and writing we will recap and learn Set 1 RWI simple sounds (m,a,s,d,t,i,n etc.) and continue using Fred Frog to help us blend and segment words. We will be mark making in many ways and continue practicing writing independently. 

Examples of how to support literacy learning at home

Children will be sent home with a school reading book which has been carefully matched with the phonics learning that we have done in school. Please read this at least 3 times per week to develop fluency alongside reading additional books for pleasure. We will listen to children read in school throughout the week so please ensure that children have their book bags daily. 


As a way of sharing the fantastic learning that we do in FS2, I will send photographs and information via Class Dojo. Please use this as an opportunity to talk to your child about what they have done in school.

Remember, you can send photographs through Dojo to support our assessment of your child by sharing any family experiences or home learning. Please add comments where possible, thank you!


We are really looking forward to the year ahead and cannot wait to have lots of fun smiley.


Please contact me via Class Dojo if you have any further questions, 

Miss Down smiley


FS2 PE day is Monday - Please ensure that children have PE kits in school at all times, thank you! 


Summer Holiday Challenges 

Below I have listed 5 challenges should you wish to complete them over the 6 week holidays smiley. Some children may already be able to do some of these challenges which is great, but for others it will really support their transition in to FS2 if you practice little and often over the summer. (If you feel like you want to extend the challenges further then you could count to 20 and beyond, practice getting changed with a timer to beat your fastest time, extend name writing to include your child's last name etc.)

Challenge One:

(Children have been sent their own name card in their transition pack to support this challenge)


I can recognise my own name and have a really good try at writing it with the correct formation.

Challenge two:


I can put on my own coat, pulling the sleeves through the correct way, and try and fasten the zip independently. 

Challenge three:


I can take of my school uniform and put on my PE kit with little support, including putting on my socks and shoes. 

Challenge four:


I can open my own lunch box and try to open the food packaging inside if I am having a packed lunch from home. / I can have a really good try at cutting my own food and pouring my own water if I am having a school dinner. 

Challenge five:

(Children have been sent a number caterpillar to support this challenge in their transition pack.)


I can count confidently from 0 to 10, recognising numbers of personal significance. 



Information about Read. Write. Inc. (Phonics) sounds and letter formation

To teach our children to read fluently we use Read Write Inc. Phonics. Please see below for further information. 

The Big Numbers Song

We use this fun counting song in school to count from 0 to 100 and from a hundred to a trillion!