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F2 - Foundation Stage 2

Welcome to Foundation Stage 2 

School Closure Information and Suggested Activities


Just a message to say that we wish you all the best and hope that you stay safe and well during this difficult time. 

I will regularly be in touch via Dojo and I am available through Dojo message to provide any advice or support so please feel free to message me. 

I am looking forward to seeing all of the amazing learning that you will be doing at home - alongside having lots of fun! 

Below, I have uploaded a suggested weekly timetable with examples of how to fill your day.

Each week I will upload a literacy, numeracy and Read Write Inc. (phonics) activity to Dojo and the school website for you to complete throughout the week if you choose to.  I will also upload daily suggested activities on Dojo too as well as the work packs that we have sent home smiley

Please keep up with the fantastic reading that you have been doing at home - remember, I have allocated additional books for you to read on Bug Club too! 


Take care,


Miss Down x 

WC 18/05/20 - Suggested home learning activities

Literacy focus task - Continuing on from last week, this weeks literacy is still based on 'The Scarecrows' Wedding'. The link is still available under last weeks heading so that you can revisit the story. Can you write about your favourite part of the story? You could start your sentence with "I liked it when...". You could extend this writing task throughout the week by asking your child to write about the beginning, middle and end, writing 2 sentences for each part of the story. I have attached a template as always, however you do not need to use it. 
Numeracy weekly task - This week I have attached some 1 - 20 number cards (you could print them, however, writing them will work just as well smiley). Turn all of the cards over on the ground and ask your child to choose 2 numbers without looking. Your challenge is to write and complete a number sentence using the 2 numbers that you have chosen (This could be addition or subtraction - you decide). You could make it fun by setting a timer and challenging children to complete the most number sentences in that time. We have completed very similar activities before but children benefit from revisiting these key skills lots of times! Have fun!

WC 11/5/20 - Suggested home learning activities 

The Scarecrows' Wedding

Our focus for the next two weeks in literacy would be 'The Scarecrows' Wedding' by Julia Donaldson. This is one of my favourite stories and the children love it too! Click on the link attached a support your child listening to the story. Stop at key points and check their understanding (Start by talking about what a scarecrow actually is). In this story the Scarecrows make a list of what they need at the wedding. I have attached a template list for children to write their own. This could include a couple of ideas from the story or just your own ideas. You could write the food you might need for a wedding, the clothes you might need or the decorations. Be as creative as you can! Happy Writing! (If you do not have access to a printer then writing a list in the purple book that we sent home in the second learning pack will be perfect!)

WC 4/5/20 - Suggested home learning activities


This week in numeracy we would be recapping and revisiting 2D and 3D shapes. F2 children know that 2D shapes are 'flat' and 3D shapes are 'fat'. I have attached a PowerPoint showing 3D shapes as everyday objects to look at throughout the week. Can you go on a shape hunt to find them? If you find everyday objects that are 3D shapes can you put them all in a bag and then describe the shape that you pull out? What shape are its faces? How many faces does it have? Are its faces flat or curved - do they slide or roll? Children have completed this activity before so it should not be new to them smiley


Friday 8th May marks the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, which was the day towards the end of WW2 when fighting against Germany came to an end in Europe. For this weeks literacy task I have attached a simple PowerPoint explaining VE Day to share with your child. This can be shared on a phone/tablet or laptop. There is also a template page for your child to answer the question 'Why is 8th May an important day?'. Additional to this there is a 'design a medal' template, Union Jack bunting to colour and a colouring page. If you have access to a printer you could print these, however, they are only there to give inspiration and you can use them to design your own on plain paper. 

WC 27/4/20 - Suggested home learning activities 

WC 27/4/20 - Weekly numeracy challenge 

Last week we recapped counting 1-20, this week we extend it further by counting all the way to 100!

In class we would do this with actions to keep us focused. For example, 1-10 we may tap our nose once for every number said, 11-20 we may tap our knees once for every number said, 21-30 we could do one jump for every number said etc. The Big Numbers Song (Link at the bottom of this page) is also a fantastic way to count to 100 and beyond. 



WC 20/4/20 Suggested home learning activities

This week in F2 we would be starting our new farming topic called 'Do Cows Drink Milk?'

which would have involved a farm visit, finding out facts about farm animals, how to care for animals, where food comes from and life on a farm.
I have attached a knowledge organiser which gives an overview of what we would have covered. This is just for your information - obviously some of it is not relevant due to the school closure- but if you look at the 'key vocabulary' and 'key facts' section it may give you something to talk to your child about if they are interested in life on the farm smiley.

WC 6/4/20 - Suggested home learning activities


WC 30/3/20 - Suggested home learning activities

WC 23/3/20 - Suggested home learning activities

School Closure Information for Parents/ Carers

Suggested Websites to Access During School Closure 

The Big Numbers Song

Count from 0 to 100 and from a hundred to a trillion.