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Class 4

Class 4 Term 1 Newsletter


This term our imaginative learning project is called ‘Predators’. Over the term we will be looking at a variety of predatory creatures both on land and under the sea. The children will be learning about the dietary requirements of predators and consumers and how they are all part of different food chains. During the second half term the children will be learning about what makes an animal a predator and how they survive in their differing habitats. There will also be opportunities for the children to create their very own ultimate predator and explore their own areas of interest linked to the topic.



This year the children will be taking part in short maths fluency lessons. The aim of this is to increase their ability to recall basic maths skills such as, times table and division facts and adding single digit numbers to any 3 digit numbers, with increasing speed and accuracy. Practicing counting in 3’s, 4’s and 8’s at home would also help your child increase their fluency in this area. They will also be learning how to do addition and subtraction with increasingly larger numbers using a formal written method. Children will be solving problems, including missing number problems, using number facts, place value, and more complex addition and subtraction in a variety of measures and units. Over the term the children will also be identifying and drawing properties of shape including angles and pairs of perpendicular and parallel lines.




We will be looking at a range of factual texts and some fictional texts that are related to the topic such as The Lion King. The children will be using this information to write their own fact files and leaflets and reports on their favourite predators. Focusing on using some of the scientific vocabulary that they learnt. The children will continue to improve their punctuation and grammar skills. They will also be creating Haiku poems and using their increasing punctuation (., !, ?, ‘’) and grammar skills (adjectives, conjunctions, adverbs and adverbial) to write a dilemma story. Children will be learning about spelling rules in class and will have 10 spellings each week to practice at home. Spellings will be given out on a Friday and tested the following Friday.




Religious Education

We will be following the Rotherham Agreed Syllabus for R.E. and this half term will be focussing on:

  • What is the Trinity? (CORE LEARNING) Baptism and the grace?
  • What is it like to be Hindu?

Every Wednesday afternoon the children also take part in a Class assembly where extracts of the Bible are shared and reflected on, giving the children the chance to discuss their ideas and think deeper about some of the questions raised.





This term we will be focusing on gymnastics and invasion games skills. P.E lessons are on Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings, therefore could you please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school for these days. As some lessons will be taking place outside, where possible, sensible shoes and a warm jumper will be needed too. Your child’s name must be written in every piece of clothing and footwear. Girls’ hair should be tied up and jewellery removed at home.



Each week your child will have:

  • 10 spellings to learn
  • A short maths homework task and/or
  • A short SPaG task

These will be sent home on a Friday and will need to be returned to school by the following Thursday.

Inline with school policy, class 4 have a reading challenge encouraging children to read at least times a week for ten minutes to an adult. Reading can include your child's school book or any online books on Bug Club. Reading diaries will be checked each week on a Friday morning.

Project homework task will also be set termly.


Important dates: Project homework returned by 19th November.