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Class 3

Class 3 Spring Term


This term our imaginative learning project is called GODS & MORTALS.




The main focus for this topic is History. The children will be learning about Greek Myths and Legends and what life was like for people in Ancient Greece.


The children will:

  • Learn about Ancient Greece and their influence in the Western world.

  • Order events and dates from Ancient Greece on a time line.

  • Research Greek wars and warfare.

  • Compare the daily life of the Ancient Greeks to the modern day life of children.


The children will:

  • Understand the difference between fables, myths and legends.

  • Read and retell some well-known fables, myths and legend stories.

  • write a diary entry from the point of view of Daedalus

  • Write instructions entitled ‘How to rescue a Queen’ by one of the soldiers inside the wooden horse.

  • Create a page for a Brochure to persuade you to visit Greece

  • Show increasing legibility, consistency and quality in handwriting.

Spelling tests will continue be on a Thursday and the new spellings will go home every Thursday too.


The children shall learn:

  • Number and place value

  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and checking their answers using the inverse operations.

  • Geometry: Properties of 2-D and 3-D shapes.

  • Use language related position and direction.

ART and DT

The Children will:

  • Study Greek drawings on various clay objects.

  • Sketch and then create own vases and plates.

  • Make a model of a Greek vase using papier Mache

  • Invent a pair of wings for Icarus



The children shall listen to some traditional Greek music. They will have the opportunity to use written symbols both standard and invented to represent sounds.


The lessons will continue to take place Thursday and Friday afternoons. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school for these days. Whenever possible the lessons will take place outside so sensible shoes and a warm jumper would be needed too. Your child’s name must be written in every piece of clothing and footwear. Girls’ hair should be tied up and jewellery removed at home.

The children will learn how to play rugby and the skills needed for this sport. Also, the children will have gymnastics lessons this term using both floor and apparatus for balances and sequences.


We will use our investigation skills to learn about the properties of socks and soils.

We will practise gathering, recording, classifying and presenting data to answer scientific questions. We will also be finding out what seeds need to grow.


Friendships and feelings will be explored during the first half of this term. Rights and responsibilities will be the focus of our class discussions for the second half of this term. Children will be given the opportunity to discuss how to resolve differences by looking at alternatives, making decisions and explaining choices.

Religious Education

Belonging to a community will be explored with a focus on the Jewish and Christian faiths. Children will study what it means to be part of a community and the benefits this may have for people. We shall also explore why Easter is important to Christians.



We will be revising greetings and then moving on to learning the Spanish for the names of colours and animals.

Important Dates:

    • Homework Projects in by Thursday 15 March

    • Greek Workshop day - 22 February. Children are asked to dress up for this day.