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Class 1

Class One Spring Term 2019


Our topic in Class 1 will be –


‘Will you read me a story?’


This magical topic will allow us to investigate fairy tales, goodies and baddies and homes and castles, with a focus on magic and fantasy. We will be asking questions such as – Was the big bad wolf really so bad? How many bowls of porridge did Goldilocks eat?

We will be sharing lots of stories such as ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and ‘Cinderella’ supporting us to sequence events in stories, thinking about the beginning, middle and end. We will use drama and acting to help retell stories to others and then use what we know to write our own amazing fantasy stories to share.


In numeracy this term we will use our counting skills to count all the way to 100, focusing again on ordering numbers to 20. We will also recognise 2D and 3D shapes, remembering shape names and looking at their properties. The Spring term will also include recapping addition and subtraction number sentences, using language such as ‘add’ ‘takeaway’ and ‘equals’. We will compare lengths, heights and weights and also familiarise our self with money and the different coins.


In phonics, reading and writing we will recap Set 1 sounds and focus on learning Set 2 sounds (such as ‘ay’ ‘ee’ ‘igh’). Class One will continue using Fred Fingers to help blend and segment words independently, securing this skill to use in independent writing. We will continue learning red words to read and write and use in our fantastic story writing (such as ‘he’ and ‘she’.)


Reading at Home

Remember, we ask that children are reading the book sent home from school daily to secure the skills that we practice at school. Please remember to write this in their reading record and show a member of staff each morning. This way we can add a sticker to their reading chart and work towards their prize for every 10 reads! J

To support this topic, children will be encouraged to also bring in any stories that may be their favourite from home so we can share these as a class.


Home/ School Diaries

We look forward to reading your home – school diary and finding out all of the exciting things you have been up to at home. Remember, the diaries are an excellent way to support our assessment of your child by sharing any family experiences or home learning. Please add any comments and pictures where possible and remember to return these diaries to school.

Thank you for your continued support!