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Welcome to Class 1 with
Miss Down.


 Welcome to Class 1!


In Class One our exciting topic for the summer term is

‘Are We There Yet?’


This topic will allow us to explore different holiday locations and places to visit. We will discuss the different lengths of journeys and which transport is best to use. (For example, could you ride a bike to Australia? Fly a plane to school?) We will cover road safety and sun safety linking this to poster writing. We will be sharing stories about the exciting places that we have visited and the fun things that we can do at the seaside. Please share any photographs that you have of you and your family visiting any exciting places.


In numeracy, we will continue our counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We will revisit how to solve addition and subtraction problems and learn how to solve problems which involve doubling, halving and sharing using practical resources linked to our topic. We are going to use both 2D and 3D shapes to create different forms of transport and use our mathematical language to describe each shape.


In phonics, reading and writing we will ensure that we are secure in using all our Set 2 sounds when reading and writing, including all the special friend sounds and red words that we know. We will use this phonic knowledge to write simple sentences independently, using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We will read sentences aloud and ensure that we understand what we have just read. In literacy, we will read stories based around holidays/ travel and different forms of transport and use these stories to create our own narratives when writing and using continuous provision activities.


Learning at homeYou can embed the learning that we do at school by incorporating it into real life experiences at home. For example –

  • Using everyday language relating to time/ Measuring short periods of time in simple ways - Is it a long journey/ short journey? Is it night/ day time? How long does a programme last? How long does the food take to cook? Speak about the difference between a second and an hour linking to the length of journeys/ speak about the times of public transport.

  • Using everyday language relating to money - Allow your child to pay at the supermarket/ Discuss how much things cost/ Is it lots of money/ expensive? Using language such as pence and pounds.

  • Children use their phonic knowledge to write words – Support children to write a shopping list/ cards to family members. Provide resources for children to write a sentence about a journey they have been on/ holiday they have enjoyed/ send postcards from holiday locations/ trips.

  • Children read and understand simple sentences – Read information on a leaflet around your child’s interests/ place of interest/ read street signs/ information on maps.


Please continue reading with your child frequently at home and recording this in their reading record books. Your child will receive a prize for every 10 reads they complete with you at home. (We have children in Class One who are nearly at 100 reads completed at home J)

Please share any learning (pictures or writing) that you do at home in your child’s purple home-school diary as it is invaluable in supporting the assessment of your child, thank you. (Any children who return home-school diaries with evidence of learning from home inside will also receive a prize from the prize box J)


Thank you for your continued support.

If you have any questions about this topic or how best to support further learning at home then please ask a member of the Class One team, thank you.



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