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Meet the staff at our school

Mrs Rebecca Allard - Head of School

Miss Kelly Burton - Foundation Stage Teacher, KS1 Leader & SENDco

Miss Charlotte Down - Foundation Stage Teacher

Mrs Christine Hamilton - Year 1/2 Teacher

Mrs Maria Allen - Year 2/3 Teacher

Mrs Kerry Gavin - Year 2/3 Teacher

Mrs Joanne Towers - Year 4/5 Teacher & PE Specialist

Miss Rebecca Summerfield - Year 5/6 Teacher & KS2 Leader

Miss Joanne Ede – Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Theresa Burgin – Early Years Practitioner & Schools Direct Trainee

Mrs Samantha Johnson Slack - Teaching Assistant

Miss Donna Highton - Teaching Assistant & SMSA

Mrs Brigitte Payling - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Judith Barrett – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Linda Woolley - Teaching Assistant

Miss Laura Wilson - Teaching Assistant

Miss Rachel Cranmer - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Cheryl Guest - Learning Mentor

Miss Kelli Highton - SMSA & Cleaning Staff

Miss Sharon Skidmore - SMSA

Mrs Julie Marshall - SMSA

Mrs Nevine Towers – School Business Manager

Mrs Estelle Barlow – Administration Assistant 

Mrs Lynne O'Brien - Administration Assistant

Mr Graham Brabbs - Care Taker

Mr Alan Hopson- Cleaning Staff

Mrs Nicola Hitchens - Head Cook

Mrs Hayley Murray - Assistant Cook

Mrs Rosa Brailsford - Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Sarah Thackery - Kitchen Assistant