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Class 2

Welcome back to Class 2. 

We have left the world of Superheroes and have travelled back in time millions of years to investigate the age of the dinosaur. 

The children will be looking at different dinosaurs and the animals they are related to today.  They will take up dentistry as they produce a replica tooth, recognising similarities and differences with animal teeth.  In art we will look at drawing and shading a dinosaur head and drawing a fossil.  We also hope to make sock puppets later on in the term. Also later in the term we will attempt to make a short film using stop start animation. 

History will explore the story of Mary Anning, a fossil collector and in Geography we will use atlases and globes to find where the continents and oceans are in the world.  

Maths will focus on counting in 2, 5 and 10, finding fractions of shapes and amounts, doubling and halving and time.  It would be helpful if children were encouraged to look at clocks at home. 

PE will be taught by a specialist teacher, as well as myself, and the children will be developing their racket skills and practising target accuracy. 

We do ask that PE kits are in school as well as a water bottle. 

Please listen to your child reading for 10 minutes at least 5 times per week.  Book bags should be in school each day and children earn rewards for reading (use the online Active Learn site for reading books as well as maths games). If you need more details please ask. 

We will be practising for the Phonics screen and children will bring work home.  I would be grateful if you could support your child with this.