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Class 2

As we move into the Summer Term Class 2 will be entering an enchanted woodland. We are hoping to have storytellers come into school to share woodland adventures. The term will have a heavy science theme as children plant seeds and watch them grow, learning what plants need to survive. We will do lots of experiments and, hopefully, we will have a day where parents can buy some of the plants we have grown. Moving from large dinosaurs to the smaller creatures that inhabit woodlands we will explore this new habitat considering which animals live around school.

Alongside the Read Write Inc program we will be writing instructions and information leaflets as well as developing imaginative story writing.

The Year 1 children will be sitting the Phonics Screen, after the next half term break, so we will be doing lots of practise. Hopefully you will support this at home by completing homework. If you have any questions please ask.


Procedure for reading words in the Phonics screen.

Your child needs a pencil.

Before trying to read the word they need to identify the ‘special friends’.  (Digraphs/trigraphs) eg ‘ch’ ‘ay’ ‘igh’ ‘aw’ etc.

Underline the ‘special friends’.

Put sound buttons on the other sounds.

Segment the word (split it up/sound it out).

Blend it back together to make either a real or nonsense word.



In PE we will be looking at Sport’s Day skills and striking and fielding, this will be taught by a PE specialist. RE finds us considering the fascinating life of Moses and in Music as well as looking at musical notation we will be thinking about how we use our voice.

Hopefully you will see beautiful artwork on display as we look at designing flowers, painting trees and sketching woodland animals.

In PSHE we will be looking at hygiene and cleaning our teeth as well as beginning to consider how we spend money and the unfortunate fact that we never seem to have enough!

PE days Tuesday and Wednesday – please make sure kits are in school.

Children need a water bottle.

Bookbags should be in school each day and children should read at home at least 3 times per week. If this is not noted in their reading record book they will miss choosing time and read then. Note down if they have read on Active Learn – that counts towards their reading time each week.

Thank you