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Developing Excellence Plan - School Improvement Plan

Key Priorities for 2019-2020 from Data Analysis and Other Identified Issues in School


This plan is developed for implementation in 2019-2020 but is the basis of a 3 year plan as opposed to a single year.


The Quality of Education – to ensure progress outcomes are in line with or above national for all groups of learners, outcomes are in line with national averages

  • Develop the Curriculum in line with new Ofsted framework
  • New teacher to be successfully inducted into the school to secure positive outcomes
  • Continue to embed the principles of Teach Simply, Practice Thoroughly, Feedback Constructively and Embody Excellence – all teaching good or better
  • Improve the teaching of reading and fluency in reading across the school
  • Improve the teaching of spelling across the school
  • Continue with research into working memory and subsequent implementation of agreed strategies
  • Improve reading outcomes at KS2 at exp+ and GDS to be in line with national
  • Improve GPS outcomes at exp+ and GDS at KS2 to be in line with national
  • Improve outcomes at exp+ and GDS in writing at KS1 t be in line with national

Leadership and Management – To ensure Leadership and Management at all levels is strong and has an impact on progress and attainment throughout the school

  • Successfully induct new subject leaders into their roles to be having a positive impact on provision and outcomes
  • Successfully induct new EYFS leader to positively impact on provision, outcomes and transition.
  • Review the effectiveness of the governing body
  • Ensure that new Safeguarding requirements form KSCIE September 2019 are implemented
  • Ensure regular opportunities are used to gain the views of all stakeholders
  • Theological Rationale is successfully embedded across the school and pupils and staff alike are able to articulate it


Behaviour and Attitudes – ensure all children in school are healthy, happy and achieve well

  • Improve attendance rates to be in line with or above national
  • Develop opportunities for children to be involved in social action projects
  • Continue to develop the role of the School Council and the Worship Committee
  • Ensure the behaviour policy is implemented consistently and effectively across the school


Personal Development – ensure all children are taught how to be responsible citizens with a collective responsibility

  • Implement the Artsmark action plan to ensure children of all backgrounds acquire cultural capital
  • Develop the role of the PHSE lead in school to improve health and well-being of pupils – including RSE, P4C and CHIPS
  • Provide more opportunities for children to be involved in competitive sport and sporting activities
  • Provide further opportunities for all pupils to experience cultures and religions different to their own.


Early Years Foundation Stage – move provision in EYFS from good to outstanding

  • Ensure the new EYFS building is set up to impact positively on outcomes including to develop the EYFS outdoor area to enable it to be used to improve outcomes in all AOL
  • Implement the EYFS Baseline Assessment Pilot
  • Induct new EYFS leader successfully in the role to secure EYFS outcomes in F1 and F2
  • Ensure all staff in EYFS are contributing to effectively support pupil learning and outcomes.