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Additions to the Risk Assessment for lockdown and partial school closure - Jan 2021

In line with government guidance, school closed to most pupils in response to the national lockdown and is currently only open to children of  key workers and those who maybe deemed vulnerable. This was with the aim of reducing transmission by minimising the daily contact people have and to scale down mass gatherings. 


The schools' response to this has been to continue to provide 'bubbles' in school for both staff and pupils and to implement the Remote Learning Policy for a full school closure. Teachers are now teaching live lessons 3 or 4 times per day using Zoom whilst Teaching Assistants support the children who are attending school. All children access the learning delivered by the teacher whether they are in school or at home. The video conference is viewed in the classroom and Teaching Assistants support in the same way that parents and carers would need to at home. Teachers have been given the opportunity to deliver lessons from home or from school depending on their own assessment of risk based on their own personal circumstances. All staff working from home have had their own personal risk assessments completed and abide by the DSAT virtual learning protocol.


We continue to offer places in school for the children who require it either based on their status as the children of key workers or where parents/carers and the school have agreed that the children are better accessing provision on the school site. We will work with any parent who feels that this applies to their child and ask parents and carers to contact us where they feel that this is the case.


The government guidance remains that wherever possible, even the children of critical workers should remain at home to keep the numbers attending school low to reduce the risk of transmission.


All aspects of our full risk assessment still apply whilst the school is partially closed.