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Developing Excellence Plan - School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan 2017-18

Key Priorities


  1. Effectiveness of leadership and management:
  1. Continue to develop middle leaders to ensure that have a significant impact on standards and practice in school
  2. Continue the drive to move teachers from good to ensure the majority of teachers have an outstanding profile
  3. Support new SLT members to ensure they have a positive impact on driving up standards
  4. Continue the drive to increase pupil numbers to support the school plan for additional classes
  5. Governors to have an increased awareness of provision across the school linked to specific responsibilities



  1. Quality of teaching, learning and assessment:
  • Improve consistency and effectiveness of homework use throughout the school
  • Continue to ensure that ALL staff at ALL levels model appropriate language and Standard English
  • Continue to ensure planning and assessment materials are used together to provide accurate and evidenced judgements which are consistent for each teacher
  • Ensure that there are plenty of opportunities to target vulnerable groups for accelerated progress to achieve GDS throughout the school
  • Implement termly British Values themes


  1. Personal development, behaviour and welfare:
  • Reduce holiday absence rates particularly in September by tightening the attendance policy
  • Ensure new safeguarding requirements, especially for EYFS are built into school policies
  • Continue to liaise with EWO where attendance is an issue
  • Continue to meet with families who have specific attendance or emerging attendance issues.
  • Successfully induct new attendance officer and implement new policy
  1. Outcomes for pupils:
  • Improve progress in reading at the end of KS2
  • Improve attainment for boys in EYFS, particularly in writing
  • Improve outcomes at exp+ in KS1
  • Closely track boys progress through school
  • Target boys for intervention in KS1 where necessary
  • Amend SPaG tracking to make judgements more accurate
  • SEN cohort investigated to compare to counterparts
  1. The effectiveness of the early years provision:
  • Continue to ensure outcomes in Reading, writing and maths are closely monitored to ensure targets for the end of EYFS are met
  • Develop the outdoor area to provide more opportunities such as climbing opportunities
  • Closely moderate baseline assessments, particularly in number
  • Improve outcomes in writing, particularly for boys
  • Closely monitor performance of Summer born children and implement appropriate catch up programmes


N.B. This is a ‘live’ document, subject to continuous review, evaluation and revision.